NETAP Trainee deployed in Berger Paints

NETAP Trainee deployed in Berger Paints (Berger Paints is India’s leading paint company and is headquartered  at Kolkata and has 10 manufacturing units.).They hire ITI (Machinist) from various govt colleges located in Assam and  deploy them in production for a period of 2 years in their Nantali plant (Assam). On completion of OJT, trainees will be   jointly

certified by TLSU and Berger paints and post certification these trainees will be absorb as contractual employee in  TeamLease services Ltd.

Employment- The much needed ultimate student learning outcome

Let’s not bury the lead: when student learning outcomes (SLOs) align with skills that employers seek from new hire candidates, recent graduates can achieve the ultimate outcome — employability. Read more